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How you can use AudiencePlay

Extend your audience

Data segmentation

Mix and map your audience data and form multiple meaningful niche sources and make them monetization ready.

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Audience Monetization

Data monetization

Earn alternate revenue and recurring streams by distributing your audience data across data exchanges, data marketplaces, DSPs and advertisers from a single destination

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Why AudiencePlay?

Monetize your user

Monetize every footprint of your user data securely.

Audience life time value

Effortless monetization strategies & all-inclusive technology with zero investment when you partner with us.

Alternate revenues from audience segments

Exponential revenue growth unlike fixed revenue from your website/app.

Revenues from Website/App

With our secure & guaranteed compliance environment with all data policies and customer data privacy, your data is secure.

Data compliance

Make your data portable & agile to monetize across ecosystems.

Programmatic partners integration

Audience monetization with multiple integrations and a single destination for monetizing your data.

Solution for investments

World's first on-premise deployment technology to bring your data assets into your own governed & regulated environment.

Solution for investments

ISO27001 certified company with experience in handling high volume data across geographies.

Solution for investments

Multi-Pronged approach for monetizing your data in a cookie-less environment.

Solution for investments

Cross channel, cross-device, identity linking to maximize data monetization and traffic monetization opportunities.

Solution for investments

Inbuilt consent management solution to be compliant.

Extend your Audience segments anywhere & everywhere

Audienceplay process

How AudiencePlay can compliment & generate alternate revenue from your app/website

Your current strategy

You monetize your audiences whereever they are beyond your website or app

You monetize a placement/space only when a user comes to your website or your app


Life-time monetization opportunity even though your user leaves your website or app

Limited time monetization opportunity with your daily active users


Exponential revenue growth and alternate streams can be attained

You can earn fixed revenue streams
every month


Your user can be targeted by multiple advertisers at any particular point in time

Your user can be targeted only once at any particular point in time


Every foot print of your user can
be monetized

Only your placement or space can
be monetized


Your ARPU and LTV can be maximized by generating revenue from each audience anywhere across online environment

Your ARPU is limited to the revenue from
your website

This is how your data gets monetized

Robust technology platform for data segmentation by building meaningful audience segments and distributing them across the online environment for data monetization.

Manage audiences through audienceplay

How it works


Create your free account

Channelize the audience data from your app/site instantly into AudiencePlay by easily integrating through our API or lightweight SDK/JS code.


Build audience data segments

Let the audience segments populate. You can also easily create multiple attributes or unique data segments by adding and combining them.


Start generating alternate revenue

Generate revenues by pushing your data segments to data marketplaces, data exchanges, DSPs, etc.

Audience management

What our partners say about us

A partnership worth exploring

Being a large app publisher, I always found it challenging to select a technology that best suits my needs. But when I learned about Audienceplay's technology, it not only made me feel secure, but it's a win-win solution for everyone. It helped us in building our data segmentation & audience monetization capabilities effortlessly. Moreover, it's the best platform to easily manage my app and website audiences' data and monetize them.

Prabhakar, COO, Way2news
way2news testimonials

Generating more revenues

I have been working with audienceplay from the last quarter. Pretty smart & incredible tech that enabled us with data monetization strategies through its simple and smart DIY solution. Not wondering on how to monetize traffic anymore!

Abhishek Kumar, Director, NexMoney
Nextmoney testimonials

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Frequently asked questions

Drop an email to [email protected] if you have more questions

Of course, it is. Until now, it's confined to major players and less transparency. With Audienceplay, we aim to connect all the dots across players, small or big, to monetize audience data, website, mobile, location, interest, category, intent, cross channel, identity, etc., with ease from any of your data sources with absolute control.

Believe it or not, your data is already being monetized either directly or indirectly whenever you place some pixels, tags, scripts, install plugins, SDKs, etc... You are not even aware of it. Don't believe us, go to the privacy policy and read that fine print!

At audienceplay, we bring technology, framework & integrations all in one place to give you absolute control while earning revenues.

Ad Inventory monetization is the most popular way to monetize your online properties. While data monetization is a lesser-known, costly way to monetize your data and not everyone knows it. In ad inventory monetization, your revenues and average revenue per user(ARPUs) are limited to your daily traffic. While data monetization can complement your existing revenue and can be scale exponentially.

Any online, offline data can be monetized and brought on to your system. Data such as location, identity, interest, intent, cross channel, transactional, and any data you think has a demand and would help others in some way can be monetized. However, at this current point in time, our systems are plugged into adtech and martech ecosystems and help various partners either for advertising or research purposes.

We are an ISO certified company with inbuilt consent management systems & we ensure, our publishers are aware of taking consent from the users and compliant with the law of the land from where users are coming on to the site.

Once the data leaves your system, you can always deactivate it from monetization. However, please note that it takes 45-60 days to take down all data from the ecosystem.

Unlock new revenue streams from your audiences across the online environment today.