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We bridge the gap between your audiences in silos and sustainable revenue streams


We had been there before!

With more than 13+ years of presence in the Indian Digital ecosystem, we achieved more than 100 million user base across our diverse products in B2C as well as B2B markets in India.

But, creating the maximum revenues from our Audience data assets has been a challenge for us, as the closed audience markets are limiting the revenue sources to only their partnered brands and agencies.

Also, we could not capture the extensive demand and monetize on all the attributes of our audiences.

This has triggered us to come up with AudiencePlay to help audience owners like us, who are missing out on the opportunities to create endless revenues from the Audience data assets.


Solutions for ultimate revenues!

AudiencePlay enables audience data owners capture revenues anywhere, from any brand across the internet, while they can operate the monetization in highly controlled, secured and privacy compliant environment.

AudiencePlay technology solutions include the segmentation platform, integrations with high-quality demand side resources (DSP, SSP, Ad Exchanges), dynamic audience data markets, along with a wide network of global brands and agencies.

Since launching in 2017, AudiencePlay has quickly grown to become one of the largest monetization platforms, helping the app/ site owners

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