What Do You Need For Robust Audience Engagement?

Are you a business owner, a marketer, or a manager? No matter what you are, audience engagement is the most crucial thing for you. The audience is your everything, whether you are running a website or operating a business. Your audience is the reason your brand survives and sustains. But, your audiences might change or … Read more

Who Are Data Brokers and What Are They Doing to Your Data?

Thousands of the biggest data brokers worldwide buy and sell data every day, collecting a tremendous amount of information about everyone, including you. You may not know who these data brokers are, but they know you. Sounds scary? But why should it? Aren’t brokers all-around in other industries such as finance and real estate too, … Read more

Difference Between First-Party Data and Third-Party Data and Its Importance

No doubt, data-driven marketing is the future of digital marketing. The way you collect, manage and activate your data plays a primary role in determining how effective you’re making use of it. The data you collect directly from your customer refers to as first-party data, and the data you get from outsiders refers to as … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Actionable Data

Actionable data is just becoming an empty buzzword for most of the businesses now. According to the Forrester reports, 74% of companies desire to be “data-driven”, but only 29% won the game at connecting analytics to action.  Where they’re lagging?  Let’s figure out here! Actionable insights seem to be the missing link for firms who … Read more

Things Nobody Tells You about Customer Segmentation

An appropriate customer segmentation grants you with peripheral opportunity to engage all your customers consistently. Also customer segmentation allows you to build a better relationship and learn more about your customers. Moreover, around 75% of the satisfied customers tend to stay loyal to those brands, who frequently cater to their needs. Hence, let’s dive in … Read more