First Party Data

First-Party Data is Every Marketers’ Hot Cake Now! Know Why

First-party data isn’t just a buzzword! Instead, it is the future of marketing. How so? Well, first-party data has become an indispensable resource for brands to flourish. Basically, a precious…

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App Monetization

5 Best App Monetization Strategies to Build Your Revenues Effortlessly

You have a great mobile app but, you don’t earn great from it! But do you know how much more you can do as an app owner? And how much…

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cdp vs dmp

CDP vs DMP Insights That Every Marketer Must Know

CDP Vs DMP is something of a common topic of discussion among marketers and entrepreneurs. As many of them are aware of the terms CDP and DMP, but choosing one…

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audience management

Audience Management: One Stop Solution for Your Audience data

“Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them to do so.” –Bryan Eisenberg But, as time flies, your customer data increases and…

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data segmentation

Data Segmentation: Way to Add Value to Your Audience Data

Data segmentation is a need of the hour for marketers to stop guessing and close more deals. The entry of social media into our lives has changed the game; it…

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