facebook audience network

Why Every Marketers’ Eye on Facebook Audience Network

Ever wondered why Facebook Audience Network is so special ? In fact, what makes it so important to the marketers? Do you know? 89% of publishers & app owners use…

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Customer Data life cycle

Everything You Need to Know About the Significance of Customer data lifecycle

“Data really powers everything that we do.” – Jeff Weiner Hence the life of data is crucial. And the series of phases it goes through during its lifetime highlights the…

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Everything You Shouldn’t Miss On Hashing, Encryption, Salting & Encoding

Do you know most companies take around six months to detect a data breach? Yes, data is vulnerable and open at high risk while collecting, exchanging and integrating it.  That…

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Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment: A Smart Strategy to Boost Your Sales Now!

Data enrichment can boost sales performance and stand out from competitors. Don’t believe it? To explain, it’s uncertain to say that there is a lack of audience data for any…

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Everything You Need to Know To Kickstart With DMP

‘Data Management Platform (DMP) is a base to run effective  advertising and marketing campaigns.’ Will you agree to this statement? Yes, you have to!  To prove, 63% of marketers reported…

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