Actionable data

Everything You Need To Know About Actionable Data

Actionable data is just becoming an empty buzzword for most of the businesses now. According to the Forrester reports, 74% of companies desire to be “data-driven”, but only 29% won…

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customer segmentation

Things Nobody Tells You about Customer Segmentation

An appropriate customer segmentation grants you with peripheral opportunity to engage all your customers consistently. Also customer segmentation allows you to build a better relationship and learn more about your…

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How Audience Targeting Can Increase Your Profit !

Audience targeting helps you to create effective campaigns with hyper-targeting solutions. Isn’t that something pleasing to your ears, that your customer is looking for something out of the blue, you…

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Customer Data Enrichment

[Infographic] Why Do Marketers Need Customer Data Enrichment?

Often brands get confused while managing their data. Like what to collect, what action to take or whether it is worth keeping or not. As data sets alone can not…

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Data Governance Market

A Vivid Walk Through Thriving Data Governance Market

Forbes reveals that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are being created with each passing day. And, the data governance market is expected to grow at more than 21.44% CAGR during…

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