[Infographic] 4 Types of Audience Segmentation You Need to Know to Target Your Right Audience

A good marketing strategy is nothing without the right target audience. The audience is the soul of any business entity or a brand.

But, the hardest job of a marketer is to identify and reach the right target audience. This is when customer data segmentation comes into the picture. Data segmentation preaches that, reach less maybe only four audiences, but reach the relevant ones.

Don’t waste your ad budget, blend audience segmentation with your marketing strategy and witness improved revenue and sales in your business.

Have a look at the Infographics to understand more about Audience Data Segmentation.

Audience Segmentation




What is data segmentation?

Data segmentation is the procedure to divide the target audience into smaller segments based on their common character traits.

  • It segments the statistical data about the targeted audience.
  • Age group, Gender, Income, Education & etc.
  • A brand which wants to target only the young boys (18-25) for their product.
  • It segments the data based on their behavioural pattern & character traits.
  • Interest, Personality traits, Attitudes, Priorities and etc.
  • A brand wants to target the gamers for their new gaming console launch.
  • It segments data on prioritizing the customer actions & behaviour.
  • User Status, Brand Consciousness Purchasing Pattern and etc.
  • A brand wants to target specific audience who already own a gaming console for past 2 years.
  • It segments the data simply on the basis of geographical borders.
  • Country, State, City, Climate, Urban/Rural and etc.
  • A brand wants to target their product for people living in North Indian States.

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