7 Great strategies to incorporate in your app marketing

App Marketing

Great strategies you need to incorporate in your app marketing



  • Research about the app you own and find out what kind of demand it has in the market.
  • Identify the opponent’s app services and be sure of your USP.


Meet the expectations of your target audience

  • Learn about your audience preferences and interests through data segmentation & data analysis.
  • Read the reviews on your app as well as your opponent’s app to gain valuable insights on the areas to develop.


Maintain a simple well & designed app

  • Maintain a simple yet an efficient app.
  • Try to make the app error free and feasible.


Make an appealing press release

  • Create a news about a new feature or a milestone you have achieved on your app and grab the attention of journalists & bloggers.
  • Issue an appealing press release with all the unique offerings of the app.


Promote the app on Social media

  • Promote your app on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to increase your reach.
  • Hook your users on social media sites through engaging posts to increase your brand awareness.


Make it visible on App Stores

  • Earn a better rank and get noticed in app stores via app store optimisation.
  • The app store optimisation works by choosing a right title and keywords while jotting down the description of the app on the app store.


Update it from time to time

  • Provide timely updates and keep on enhancing the user experience.
  • Add exciting new features to sustain the users on your app.

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