16 Best App Monetization Platforms for you right here

Making an app popular and live in the real world is one tough hassle for app developers. Also, generating revenue and sustaining the market competition is another major goal. This is why, app monetization platforms contribute to being the best part of this entire process.

App Monetization Platforms

A number of app monetization platforms have come into being by which it is possible to monetize the apps and gain revenues.

Let’s take a look at the popular app monetization platforms that’ll help you gain the much-needed momentum to your revenue streams:

1) Audience play

With Audience play, you can enable audience targeting and run campaigns on targeted audience segments. You can do this even when they aren’t active on your website/app.

App developers can earn alternate revenue and recurring streams by distributing audience segments across audience exchanges.

Audience play unlocks the power of personalized monetization with credible app monetization strategies. But there’s no data expertise needed here – It is a unique ‘Do It Yourself’ product.

Just a few simple steps is all you’ve got to do. Create your free account followed by creating audience segments. As a result, you start generating alternate revenue with one of the best app monetization platforms.

Audience Play - App Monetization Platform

2) Audience Network by Facebook

People, when online, spend a lot of time on Instagram and Facebook but they also spend their time on other apps and sites. So, Audience Network helps advertisers in reaching out to more of the people who are online elsewhere or are spending their time in different places.

Audience Network ads uses targeting, auction, delivery and measurement systems as a Facebook ad for the purpose of app monetization. With the help of Audience Network, advertisers can extend Facebook, and Instagram campaigns onto thousands of high-quality websites and apps and all across the Internet.

Audience Network - Monetization Platform by Facebook

3) Media.net

Media.net is a leading global advertising platform that provides comprehensive advertising technology in the app monetizing industry. As one among the popular mobile app monetization platforms, it creates a long-term sustainable value.

In addition, the platform maximizes publisher revenue and provides high ROI to advertisers. It ranges across search, display, native, video, products, mobile and local. Media.net facilitates a high-quality ad supply on 500,000+ websites.

The platform and products are licensed by some of the big sized ad networks, publishers and other ad tech companies worldwide.

Media.net - App Monetization Platform

4) Adcolony

Adcolony is one of the highest quality mobile advertising and mobile app monetization platforms. The AdColony platform works on the basis of attaining users and monetizing while maintaining an enjoyable user experience.

So, AdColony is an app monetization platform which works closely with publishers and advertisers to help them maximize their campaign results. It delivers primetime advertising for mobile world.


5) Smaato

The Smaato Publisher Platform is an extensive network of demand partners that provides a vast variety of advertisers with one single integration. Smaato provides an RTB( Real-time bidding) ad exchange and ad network mediation among the most popular and best app monetization platforms.

It also has a free publisher ad server, a private marketplace option, and the ability to connect to publisher-owned ad network. This app monetization platform offers dynamic, real-time competition for every impression providing higher eCPMs and immediate monetization.


6) Fyber

Fyber is a global technology company that intends to develop a next-generation monetizing platform for mobile publishers. The Fyber platform combines expertise in mediation, RTB, video, proprietary technologies, audience segmentation and is recognized as one of the most useful app monetization platforms.

Fyber creates an overall solution standing tall among the mobile app monetization platforms that will shape the future of mobile app economy. It provides a mechanism to achieve a real state of header bidding for the mobile app environment.


7) Unity Ads

Unity Ads is the world’s largest gaming community and one of the best mobile monetization platform for monetizing your game projects. Undoubtedly, Unity Ads is one of the best app monetization platforms to build amazing mobile games and launch a mobile game business successfully.

You can also advertise inside your mobile game to make money out of it. You can drive in more revenue and player engagement with rewarded video in this. Unity ads help you out in making huge money from your mobile games.

Unity Ads

8) MoPub

MoPub is an app monetization platform that provides flexible monetization solutions for mobile publishers existing worldwide. As publishers and app developers, you can use the MoPub platform to drive maximum revenue for yourself for every ad impression.

You can also control the user experience while being able to access high-quality mobile audiences at maximum scale possible. MoPub has been helping mobile app publishers grow their businesses since 2010 and was acquired by Twitter in 2013.


9) Chartboost

Chartboost is an app monetization platform that can help you to turn apps into a successful business. It delivers higher ad revenue to the world’s top-earning mobile app developers. You can build your mobile business with this leading in-app monetization and programmatic advertising platform.

This mobile monetization platform connects your inventory with premium demand sources to give you the best possible earnings for your traffic. As a result, you maximize your revenue conversions with dynamic, interactive ads. 


10) InMobi

InMobi help brands to understand, identify, engage and acquire their consumers. You can discover the ever-evolving needs of consumers through InMobi Pulse.

The InMobi is considered as one of the most popular app monetization platforms as it identifies the best customer segments and supercharges your marketing campaigns.

InMobi can turn apps into global demand and superior ad experiences for publishers. You can ace your native and video monetization with InMobi by striking the perfect balance between revenue growth and user experience.


11) AdMob

AdMob is a mobile monetization platform by Google for promoting and monetizing mobile apps. It provides intelligent insights through Google Analytics. As a result, application developers can promote their applications through in-app ads and monetizes their applications by enabling in-app advertising.

AdMob enables both iOS and Android app monetization and is available for both platforms. So, you can create mobile app install campaigns by connecting AdMob to AdWords.

After that, these campaigns promote users to download your app, with AdWords applying keywords, custom targeting, ads based on your app ID and miscellaneous information.

Google Admob

12) StartApp

StartApp app monetization platform uses first-party data and insights to improve the mobile experience for publishers, advertisers, and consumers.

Meanwhile,with their data-driven solutions, publishers and app developers can make informed business decisions in real-time and reach premium global mobile audiences.

Above all, StartApp can optimize ongoing media and data strategies and help you avail widespread app monetization.


13) Epom Apps

Epom Apps is an ad mediation platform intended for smart app monetization. It has in-house experts, who help app developers in generating revenue from their apps with customized ad strategies.

The Epom Apps is a team built to handle the whole app monetization process – i.e. from selecting the best-performing demand sources to include in the custom SDK to optimize the ad placement.

Epom Apps

14) SmartyAds

SmartyAds provides a programmatic advertising platform that develops innovative programmatic solutions for maximizing the revenue of app developers, advertisers and publishers.

Consequently, SmartyAds platform helps to make versatile decisions for marketers who work with mobile app video ads for robust app and game monetization.

Smarty Ads

15) Leadbolt

Leadbolt is another leading mobile ad network which offers advanced partner match technology in addition to dynamic ad delivery. So, with the help of an analytic based algorithm, advertisers can go for advanced targeting. As a result, they get to assist the best-fit audience in engaging with Leadbolt optimally.


16) ironSource

ironSource is an ad network that boasts of being one of the best app monetization platforms, having a deep pool of advertisers and over 500 million users.

Primarily small developers use this for monetization of apps. ironSource makes sure that the potential audience views your app and engages with it.

This is why ironSource is said to have everything you’d need in one powerful platform.


Still wondering which app monetization platform to choose?

In conclusion, selecting the right app monetization platform is undoubtedly an endless task. The above mentioned 16 app monetization platforms will make it easy for you.

In addition, you can choose which platform suits you according to your strategies and app objectives.  Moreover, if one platform doesn’t work, you must try another.

So, do not give up too soon. Ultimately, what leads you to make the most out of your app is the best platform for you.

Therefore, if you are a publisher or an app developer and have already monetized your app or you plan to do so, tell us about your experience. 



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