Things Nobody Tells You about Customer Segmentation

An appropriate customer segmentation grants you with peripheral opportunity to engage all your customers consistently. Also customer segmentation allows you to build a better relationship and learn more about your customers. Moreover, around 75% of the satisfied customers tend to stay loyal to those brands, who frequently cater to their needs. Hence, let’s dive in … Read more

Audience segmentation is the Solution to Data-Driven Marketing Needs

Audience segmentation is a key for effective customer experience. Don’t believe? Keep a close eye on this article. Today’s customer expects a personalized experience from brands and to meet their demands, you must have more profound insights into your customers.  Even though you know about it, you might have ended up with the thought of … Read more

Data Segmentation: Way to Add Value to Your Audience Data

Data segmentation is a need of the hour for marketers to stop guessing and close more deals. The entry of social media into our lives has changed the game; it created a sense of urgency in companies to understand the customers and offer the right product/service without any miss. One-to-one marketing is the possible way … Read more

Primary and Secondary Data: Curious to Know Why You Need This?

Admit it. You feel pressure when using your primary and secondary data to scale campaigns and revenues. How could you not? So many hinges on you getting that one marketing strategy right. You’re not alone! If you are a marketer who tends to monetize data and aim at bringing in more revenue with your data, then … Read more