15 Best AdSense Alternatives To Make More Money (Right Now)

“Your AdSense account has been temporarily disabled!” I am sure many of you have received this heartbreaking email from Google. But what if I tell you? You have the scope to earn more with AdSense alternatives!

When it comes to monetizing your website or blog, Google AdSense is soundly popular amongst all other monetization platforms.

But, now you have the chance to do so much more with AdSense Alternatives..

What is Google Adsense?

Launched in mid-2003, Google’s advertising tool “Adsense” is one of the most popular advertising programs on the web. From webmasters to the publishers, it provides ample opportunities to monetize their traffic very efficiently.

Google also provides a high level of security and transparency to both the advertisers and publishers. Every day it bans hundreds of accounts just because they have not matched Google’s policy, or they have missed one of the Terms of Service by Google.

Also, Google AdSense monetization is limited to traffic to your website or app. But, let me assure you it is not the end of the world.

There are multiple Google AdSense Alternatives available on the web.

But again, you might wonder why do you need an AdSense alternative?

Well, AdSense might lead the monetization market, but not all successful app owners and publishers use AdSense. And there are a lot of hurdles they face with Google’s AdSense. As mentioned earlier, you might not get approved by AdSense so easily. Also, they could ban your account for single invalid click.

This is why should and must shift towards finding the best AdSense alternative for your business. And there are several AdSense alternatives available in the market. Moreover, they provide a fair payout too.

So, instead of sulking for an AdSense account, look at the best Google AdSense alternatives & monetization products for your Website & App below.

Find the best AdSense alternatives for you

  1. Audienceplay
  2. Media.net
  3. PropellerAds
  4. Infolinks
  5. Adsterra
  6. PopAds
  7. Adversal
  8. RevenueHits
  9. Amazon Associates
  10. RevContent
  11. AdNow
  12. Skimlinks
  13. Adcash
  14. ylliX
  15. Adblade


Your earnings from AdSense or any other Google AdSense alternatives are limited and dependent on the traffic of your site in that period, thereby limiting your revenues.

Now, you don’t have to limit your monetization capabilities with the audience to your website or app anymore with Audienceplay.

Audienceplay empowers you to monetize your audience anywhere in the online ecosystem, not limiting the monetization possibility to the traffic of the site. So, you can transform your audiences into unlimited revenue streams.

It allows you to build, track & analyze highly personalized audience segments instantly based on behaviors, demographics and many more. These personalized segmented audiences can be monetized wherever they are with the Audience extension feature of audience play.

Not only that, with Audienceplay you can use Google AdSense simultaneously. Thus it acts as an enhancement of your revenue streams rather than being an AdSense alternative  only.


If you are fishing for Google AdSense alternatives. Media.net is one of the Google AdSense alternatives which provides you with exclusive access to Yahoo and Bing.

The types of ads it offers are very similar to AdSense or best known as Google adsense alternatives. Such as Contextual Ads, Display Ads, Mobile Ads, Interstitial Ads, and In-Content Ads. So, it fairly qualifies as one of the Google AdSense alternatives.

Talking about their service, Media.net takes around 2-3 days to approve your account and provides you with an extra 10% of your overall earnings for the first three months. But, be careful with these kinds of AdSense alternatives, as they are very strict about suspending accounts. So make sure you read as well as follow all the rules.


PropellerAds can be one of the best AdSense alternatives for you, If you are an owner of a website or a blog under one of these niches, namely videos or movies, entertainment, software, games, dating, and finances. They provide exceptional pop-under ads, and they are regarded as giants of pop-under networks.

Pop-under ads are just like pop up ads the only difference is, pop-under ads are displayed when the website is closed. As pop-up ads are displayed and closed instantly. They also provide push notification ads and native ads. Likewise, it serves as one of the prominent and best AdSense alternatives.

Payment is usually paid over PayPal, Payoneer, ePayments and Webmoney. So you get several options for withdrawing with a minimum of 5 USD. PropellerAds is considered as the best Google AdSense alternatives as it has an array of ad styles as well as structured & tested monetization methods.

They also have a separate fill rate for tier 2-3 countries. So if you are a native of India, Singapore or South Africa, then you must find PropellerAd as one of the best AdSense alternatives.

Infolinks is helping more than 2,00,000 online publishers across 128 countries and stands firm as one of the Google AdSense alternatives. They help these publishers to earn money from their unused ad space.

Infolinks’ free segment to use native ads perfectly blends with all other styles of the advertisement without any customer user hazard. The successful video & contextual ad or highly engaging display banners, each product is thoroughly customized. Hence it is one of the useful Google AdSense alternatives for you.

Don’t worry if you are a small website owner or blog holder. Infolinks selects its customers based on quality. No wonder they work with brand Mughals like Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Tripadvisor, Hyundai, Pizza Hut and more.


Adsterra is a good platform for web publishers with effective CPM. They allow the users to filter the right kind of advertisement to run on your website. So it can get the best CPM to drive traffic on your website or blog and act as one of the best adsense alternatives.

The ad formats they offer include web push notifications, pop-unders, direct links and banners. Adsterra pays through PayPal, WebMoney, bitcoins and ePayments. They pay without any issues or delays. Now you can monetize your website or blog without any trouble. Adsterra is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives for publishers.


PopAds are the specialized providers of Pop Unders. They monetize all the countries and provide reasonable rates too. One unique feature of PopAds is, it pays every day if you can earn 5 USD or above daily. PopAds is one of the best paying Google AdSense alternatives on the basis of both pay and service.

They provide good quality advertisements and concentrate mostly on pop-ups, tab ups and tab unders. They have other methods of monetization too which makes it one of the powerful Google AdSense alternatives. 

PopAds are not very strict about their approval procedures. You would instead find it very easy to set your ad over there.


Adversal is again one of the best AdSense alternatives for you if your website crosses over 50,000 pageviews every month. They prioritize your preferences first and even let you decide the ad banner types and sizes before publishing your ad.

At present they pay a minimum of 20 USD through Paypal. It is also one of the few ad network programs to provide an affiliate program through which you have options to earn more. Therefore it is one of the most popular Google AdSense alternatives among the website owners.

They also make approval very fast. But they are very strict about their rules. They will reject any website if it doesn’t reach the 50,000 views mark every month.


Though RevenueHits is a young Ad network program. RevenueHits offers several ad types to its publishers such as interstitials, banners, top & footer style banners, pop-unders, sliders and buttons. If RevenueHits does not find any content on any page, it doesn’t allow ads over there.

Geo-targeted ads and contextual ads are the exceptions of their services as they cater services based on CPA, CPC or CPM network performances. They make sure the visitor takes action instead of only clicking on the ad.

They also offer a good payout of a minimum of 50 USD through PayPal and Payoneer.

Amazon Associates

We all are aware of Amazon, the biggest e-commerce giant in the world. They have left their footprints in almost all kinds of businesses in the world and ad networking programs are nothing new to them.

The ads they provide are not CPM based or Pay-per-click ads. If you sell a product which is sold by Amazon, then Amazon Associate is one of the best Adsense alternatives for you. As you can earn a small part of a commission from Amazon associates for every time stuff is sold through the link of your website.

Amazon associates are beneficial for promoting local products for driving local traffic to your blog. Amazon pays those publishers directly through wire transfer regardless of their country or origin. Thereby making Amazon associates as popular AdSense alternatives for small websites or local sellers.


If you are looking for quality advertisements as well as quick approvals too? RevContent is the right Google AdSense alternative for you.

They specialize in providing effective native ads. RevContent’s Native ads blend effortlessly with the website and give away a feeling of just another stuff in the site. RevContent is perfect AdSense alternatives for bloggers and entertainment-oriented website owners.

They also offer attractive CPCs, which pays around 1-10 cents with each click with easy and fast approval.

RevContent is one of the most used Google AdSense alternatives among the publishers due to their exceptional native ad network.


AdNow promises to monetize your traffic in the right way. They specialize in providing the best widget-based native ads. So, if you have plans to monetize your site through native ads, Adnow is the best platform for you.

They already have a vast network of publishers, and their goal is to create a hybrid ad format in the future. This unique ad format will be a combination of both native ads and media banners in a single campaign to benefit the clients and brands as well.

With Skimlinks you don’t have to worry about setting up your affiliate links anymore, you can concentrate on running the website. As Skimlinks offers to automate affiliation to the commercial content of your website.

The Skimlink tool not only automatically updates the commerce content with affiliate links but also enhances every monetization strategy starting from the website, social media, email and mobile.

If you choose to join Skimlinks, you also get direct access to the global network of vast merchants and various demand partners.


Are you looking to monetize your products & services? Adcash can help you choose the best-suited ads for your website or blogs. Moreover it could be one of your Google AdSense alternatives too.

They offer a variety of ads like banners, push notifications, native ads for both desktop and mobile.

They are the Global self-serve Online Advertising platform for any media buyers, affiliates or publishers. Adcash utilizes smart ad technology to offer a seamless experience to the users.


I’m sure most of you look for the best Adsense alternative for better payouts then ylliX can be the right monetization platform for you. ylliX is a robust advertising network offering multiple types of ads for desktop as well as mobile. Apart from that, it also provides mobile redirects, sliders, popunder ads, layer and full-page ads.

ylliX provides easy accounts approval as well as fair rates, daily payments, detailed reports and 100% fill rates. They also offer you a self-serve platform where you can take full control over your campaigns. And it could turn out to be the best adsense alternative for you.

Their referral program is quite good, which pays up to 100 US dollar for all new publishers and advertisers you refer to and extra 2% of their earnings for lifetime.


Finding the right advertising network can be straining because all of us tries to figure out where we can monetize the best. Well, then you could just go for Adblade as it provides a good payout by their CPM and CPC programs.

It is easy to earn plenty with Adblade as they have the largest content-style ad platform. They also offer sponsored content & display advertisements.

But, the ad networks approves minimum traffic of 5,00,000 monthly pageviews and minimum payout of 100 US Dollars which makes it quite hard for the new websites & blogs to monetize effectively.

Additional Monetization Strategies: Your Other AdSense Alternatives

Start Affiliate Marketing

You can start affiliate marketing by simply joining an affiliate program or installing an affiliate tool.

What is affiliate marketing?

It is a process of earning a commission by promoting someone else’s products. In this way, you can easily make a small amount of profit for every sale.

Did you know?

84% of publishers & 81% of marketers harness the power of affiliate marketing today. (Source)

Choose a suitable affiliate program for your blog/website, which renders several offers and tools. You must pick one which suits your site and appropriate for your traffic too.

Popular Affiliate networks are Rakuten Linkshare, Travelpayouts, Clickbank and more.

Create a membership website

Do you know creating a membership website is one of the best monetizing strategies? Over here, you can provide a restriction to your content to members only. Hence you can earn a lot by selling the audience membership data.

One of the main advantages of applying this method is that you don’t have to worry about the number of visitors.

Sell your advertising Space

Sell your ad space directly to advertisers. Wouldn’t it be more relevant to cut off the middlemen and directly negotiate with the advertiser? But it is mostly useful for big projects and the income depends on the size of your traffic.

And on average publishers can increase their rates up to 50% more as compared to AdSense rates.

How about selling your own digital products?

Transform your website into an arena of the trade like other e-commerce sites to trigger your income. Selling digital products and other web elements nowadays is not a big thing.

You can start with ebooks, images, video courses, etc.

Taking everything into account on AdSense Alternatives

As discussed above, there are a lot of alternatives for Google Adsense monetization. Based on the type of audience you receive to your website and the categories you operate upon, you can understand and pick the one which suits you the best.

All these Google AdSense alternatives pay a good sum of money one way or the other to you.

So, if you could not recall what exactly went wrong with your AdSense account or want to scale up your revenues immediately beyond Adsense. Pick and go ahead with a brand new website monetization platform and earn improved revenues. Also, read more about website monetization strategies.

Start Monetizing your Website or App now!

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