Consent management platform

What is Consent Management Platform?

“The data does not exist independently in the world, nor is it generated spontaneously. Data is constructed by people, from people,” (source 1). Indeed, in such a scenario, taking consent…

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Hashing,Encoding,Encryption and Salting

All you need to know about Hashing, Encryption, Salting & Encoding

Encoding, encryption, hashing, salting… The above four can undoubtedly be confusing terms as they serve approximately the same purpose. There are drastic variations among all of them. After you understand…

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Why Is Hashing Your Top Priority For Data Security?

Have you been trying to provide customer data to a partner for retargeting across the web? Perhaps even to your agency or programmatic provider to use in a campaign? Does…

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Seven Things You Probably Didn’t Know About DMP

Here’s a scenario of DMP. You are a marketing company, running a campaign that seeks to convert new customers. You run ads but aren’t sure if they’re reaching the right…

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