Everything You Shouldn’t Miss On Hashing, Encryption, Salting & Encoding

Do you know most companies take around six months to detect a data breach? Yes, data is vulnerable and open at high risk while collecting, exchanging and integrating it.  That…

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customer data management

Effective Customer Data Management to Supercharge your Customer Experience

Boost your customer experience: a competitive differentiator. Effective Customer data management can do it for you! (Source: Forbes) To prove, firms that lead customer experience outshine laggards by nearly 80%….

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Data privacy

Data Privacy: A Concept Every Company Must Know

Data privacy is something that hardly matters to the company.  Do you think it’s the same today, with the rapid expansion of data generation? Practically not! So many changes have…

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Consent management platform

What is Consent Management Platform?

“The data does not exist independently in the world, nor is it generated spontaneously. Data is constructed by people, from people,” (source 1). Indeed, in such a scenario, taking consent…

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All You Need To Know About Hashing, Encryption, Salting & Encoding

Encoding, encryption, hashing, salting… Hashing, encryption, encoding, and salting, all four are used for maintaining data security at some point. But, are you facing severe difficulties about when to use…

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