[Infographic] DMP Vs CDP: Which One to Choose?

Want to leverage out of data-driven marketing, but confused about DMP Vs CDP?

It’s so simple, what you need to look-out is- their difference and the features you need for your business to manage your audience data.

For this, you no need to go through a list of webpages. Just have a look at this infographic to clear the difference between DMP and CDP and also to get an idea which one to choose.

Key Difference between DMP vs CDP

DMP depends on the anonymous data more for targeting advertising campaigns.

CDPs mainly use 1st party data across various marketing channels & platforms.

DMP targets audiences for intervals of less than 90 days.

CDP’s give an option to users to select the term for retaining their audience data besides deleting them

DMP stores data in 2 different locations, for storing complete data & for storing data which require quick access.

CDP stores data in a centralized, scalable location.

DMP gathers data and uploads often, the resultant view is high-level and in aggregate.

CDP gathers raw data with precise levels of information & stores with unlimited capacity

DMPs are meant explicitly for Adtech to deal with new or anonymous customers.

CDP’s can integrate audience data to various platforms for various Martech & Adtech purposes.

DMP has a list of segmented audiences using their anonymous addresses.

CDP allows you to access complete details directly for carrying out any interactions with audiences.

DMPs activated by DSPs for programmatic advertising.

CDPs activated by direct customer engagement.

DMPs follow probabilistic matching relying on specific algorithms and run through an activation with a DSP.

CDPs follow deterministic matching dependent on unique Ids.

DMP use cases such as- Single view of the customer.

CDP use cases such as- Audience creation, advertising, acquisition marketing & digital targeting.

Which One to Choose?

Consider the below parameters before selecting DMP or CDP according to your business needs.

To Outline

DMP and CDP both have some similarities and differences in addition to that they are a complement to each other. Based on the above-discussed parameters, you can easily compare and select which one suits best for your business needs—for example, DMP for short term and CDP for the long term targeting.

To help you out, we suggest Audienceplay; it holds features of both DMP and CDP along with additional features.

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