Why Facebook Audience Network is Super Important?

Ever wondered why Facebook Audience Network is so special ?

In fact, what makes it so important to the marketers?

Do you know? 89% of publishers & app owners use the Facebook Audience Network in their marketing efforts. 

Reportedly more than a billion people see an advertisement in website or app through the Facebook Audience Network every month.

Does all this ring a bell? 

Yeah, Audience Network is every publisher’s & app owner’s dream! 

Adaptable technology faces huge costs and other challenges from the digital ecosystem. And often a heavy lifting positioning by top players like Google or Facebook binds the app owners/publishers with certain restrictions.

So, if you’re a publisher or an app owner, now you can create your own audience network. Moreover, you would be able to manage them on par with Facebook Audience Network. 

How can you do that? Let’s figure out all about it in the article and then you yourself can come to one conclusion. 

But, initially, let’s understand what Facebook Audience Network is? 

According to Facebook, “Audience Network allows advertisers to extend Facebook and Instagram campaigns across the Internet – onto thousands of high-quality apps.”

In simpler terms, it is a display ad network which is run by Facebook, and it comprises multiple placements of apps and websites. 

People tend to spend considerable time on their Facebook and Instagram. And they also spend a lot of their time on other mobile apps. 

What Facebook Audience Network does is, it helps the advertisers reach more of their target audiences when they are on other apps and websites. 

But, the question is when all this started? 

It all started back in 2014 when marketers and brands hardly understood what an Audience Network By Facebook is. 

It was an easy monetizing opportunity for publishers & app owners. And they can seamlessly join the Fb Audience Network and engage advertisers to fulfill their needs. In return, publishers & app owners get monetization opportunities and earn ad revenue from Facebook. 

But, over the years it has evolved a lot. Facebook Audience Network has grown 10x from the first quarter of 2015. Now they make up nearly 83% of our entire global network. Today more than 50% of the apps depend upon Facebook audience network ads for monetization. 

But, you might question why the Audience Network? 

Today living in 2020, Facebook Audience Network is a game-changer! 

Audience network is an off-Facebook, in-app advertising network for mobile apps and websites. It is an exclusive ad network built for growth and engagement. 

With the power of Facebook targeting, an advertiser can target his audiences beyond Facebook’s own platform across the internet. And also wherever the user is interrupted, they can still reach their audiences with the same targeting criteria, interesting isn’t it?

The audience network is designed to help the publishers and app developers monetize efficiently by providing excellent user experience. You will be enabled to use high-value ad formats and innovative publishers tools to flourish your business while keeping your target audiences happily engaged. 

There is no single line argument available, why you should or should not use Facebook Audience Network.

The advertisers can reach their target audience and maximize reach beyond the walls of Facebook & Instagram. And for the publishers and app owners, Facebook Audience Network is another largest source of ad revenue. 

But, there are multiple benefits available when you adapt an Audience Network! 

Let’s look at the five benefits you get after joining Facebook Audience Network.

  1. Reach
  2. First is reach. It enables you to reach your Facebook users when they are not on Facebook. Strange right? Yeah, it also lets you target those people who don’t even use Facebook at all. They do this using powerful people-based marketing. And app owners and publishers would be able to deliver ads while driving results for advertisers. 

  3. Remarketing Opportunities
  4. It means that you would be able to expand the reach of your campaigns. So, if you have a small niche audience and high objective to reach, it creates an additional advantage for you to reach them.

    It also empowers you with the opportunity of reaching your target audiences distinctly at different stages of their customer journey to target them with remarketing strategies. They do this by targeting the custom audiences who look like your ideal customers. Those customers who have already visited your app or website.

  5. Security
  6. This is an absolute bonus, as we all value our security. According to Facebook, Audience Network does not include bot traffic and virtually fraud-free.

  7. Less Cost Per Click (CPC)
  8. Well, as a digital marketer, you will be pleased to read the above line. It is true, and CPC on Facebook is actually quite low. Facebook is the darling of brands & agencies and most of the time it’s their preferred destination for the less cost involvement for engagement.

    So, generally when you set up your campaign correctly, you would be able to generate more conversions and broader reach.

  9. Outcome Score of the Advertiser
  10. The last thing you would have to consider is Facebook’s continuous commitment to improving the content on the Audience Network. And this when “Advertiser Outcome Score” comes into the picture.

    It is a kind of feedback which publishers receive about how their ads are performing on their content as compared to the Newsfeed.

    Also encourages the publishers to improve their content on their Fb Audience network continuously.

So, you see multiple benefits comes with Facebook Audience Network. And if you are still due to use it, you are missing out a huge monetization opportunity. 

Here’s how it works…

So far the basic rules of realizing how you can make the most of Audience Network is concerned, you will have to master these fundamental types of Audience network ads. Such as…

Native Ads: Native ads lets you design perfect ad units. With Native ad, you can abstract the look, feel, location and size of your ads. 

Banner Ads: Banner ads are those which are shown on the top of your website or app. 

In-stream video Ads: In-stream video ads are the all-time favourite of marketers across Facebook, Youtube and other platforms. 

Rewarded Ads: Rewarded ads are actually limited and mostly available on the game-based apps. 

Interstitial Ads: These are typically shown when your app or website is in transition moment. 

After this, let’s get started with how you can join the Fb Audience Network… 

Don’t worry! Just follow these four simple steps if you are an app owner or publisher! 

Step 1 : First set up your account

For this, you have to create a Facebook Business Manager account or if you already have an account just sign in. Next, you have to log into Monetization Manager, and this is where you can manage your ad monetization. 

Step 2: Add your app or website 

Next is you have to add all the details about your app or site which you want to monetize. And the Audience network’s team will review it whether it complies with policies or not and get back to you. 

Step 3: Create your own placements

You could easily set up your placement from their broad range of ad formats such as interstitials, playables, rewarded videos and more. You will also have to integrate the Audience Network SDK (app) or code (web). 

Step 4: Start earning revenues

Now just add the payment information and publish your updated app. You will receive monthly payments on your selected bank account. 

You are only four steps away from joining the Facebook Audience Network. 

Easy isn’t it? 

While Facebook Audience Network helps you with monetization, it doesn’t really assure any control or transparency. 

But, there are several other alternatives available which can help you create an ecosystem. They will empower you to target users across ecosystems such as programmatic seats and social platforms.

The Other Audience Networks you might want to have a look at, are 


With Audienceplay, you can create an audience network of your own. You will be able to make your audiences portable & agile. You can also push it to Facebook, programmatic, and other social, which would enable you to monetize every footprint of your users.

It gives you absolute control & transparency. It empowers you with advanced technology to aggregate all your users’ programmatic audiences at one place. And you can also segment and enrich them effectively. You can seamlessly monetize or target your audiences anywhere in the ecosystem beyond the wall of apps or websites. 

LinkedIn Audience Network

It ensures you of quality and brand safety for conducting all your campaigns in their Audience Network. LinkedIn approves selective third-party publishers and approves the trusted one only. And they do this to help their customers scale their ad campaigns and reach the right target audience.

Linkedin do not compromise on quality and brand safety measures and makes their Audience network free from fraud and objectionable content. They also practice regular automated and quality checks.

Microsoft Audience Network

Microsoft Graph and Artificial Intelligence power the Microsoft Audience Network. It is another native advertising solution like Facebook Audience Network.

In Microsoft’s Audience Network, you can easily manage your native advertising spent with their search campaigns. Also, you will be able to manage their native ads campaigns from the search campaigns itself. Apparently, Microsoft specializes in Image-based ads & Feed-based ads.

Google Display Network

According to Google, Display Network reaches more than 90% of the worldwide internet users. And it is specially designed to assist you with the right target audience. Display network helps you to reach people while they are checking their Gmail account, watching a Youtube video or while browsing the web.

You could also drive more conversions by using automation. Their effective automated targeting lets you locate your best-performing audiences. And their smart display campaigns are the best combination of automatic targeting, bidding and creatives for maximizing your conversions on Google ads.

Final thoughts on Facebook Audience Network

Audience Network by Facebook is an outstanding opportunity for both app and website owners. Through Audience Network, you get to utilize the advanced tracking technology while determining the ad formats or campaign types. 

Clicks to the website, conversions, app installs, app engagement and many benefits start popping once you join Facebook Audience Network. It also helps marketers keep their budget in line. 

We discussed a lot about audience networks, which is a leading trend for digital marketers.

Therefore, to nurture absolute control & transparency, try Audienceplay! 

Audienceplay offers the publishers and app owners an extensive set of audience monetization, audience extension, audience segmentation and  audience enrichment features. 

Audience segmentation and enrichment helps you with high-value audiences. And audience monetization empowers you to unleash the new revenue streams. Also audience extension lets you target your audiences anywhere in the online ecosystem. 

So, Register now

Anyone who is not using this technology is a step behind in realizing his/her true revenues. To stay a step ahead of your opponents, leverage the power of Audience Network today.   

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