[Infographic] How Can You Monetize Your Mobile App Effectively?

Did you know that mobile users spend 87 percent of their time in apps against just 13 percent on the web? (Source :mindsea)

And if you haven’t monetized your mobile app and are still thinking on ways to, you’re about to find out how!.

We’ve handpicked the best App Monetization strategies to convert those gazing eyes on mobile screens into revenue giving pockets.

Now that you know which strategy is profitable for you, let’s have a roundup on the best performing app monetization platforms in current times.

App Monetization
How can you
Audience Monetization
Monetize your app through ‘Audience monetization’ where you can collect user data and enable brands and advertisers to target users based on their interests.
In-app Advertising
Collect data and display the third-party ads within your applications through advertising. This way, you can get revenue from the views, clicks and conversions.
You may use the following ad formats:
Rewarded Ads
Interstitial Ads
Native Advertising
In-App Purchases
In this, the application is generally free but offers additional features to be purchased like buying more lives to unlock new levels and move further in their games.
Freemium Models
Offer a free version of the app and provide more features later, which can be charged.
SMS & Email Marketing
Send emails or SMS about other brands to your subscribers, and those brands shall pay you for doing so.
Sponsorship & Partnerships
Look for a potential partner with a similar customer base and offer to cross-promote each other’s apps to one another’s email lists.
With a subscription, the service can be provided for free, and users need to pay for receiving the material further.
Paid-Only Applications
Offer a mobile app that is a paid one, that is unique and exceptional enough to compete as a paid one as against thousands of free apps. Often you may keep it a trial one and then demand prices for usage.
Charge Users To Have An ‘Ad-Free App’
You can ask the users to pay you a certain amount of money for an ‘ad-free version’ of the app that they are already using, to have a better user experience.
White Labelling
In white labelling, you produce the product under one brand and sell it under another. If your app is struggling with sales and marketing issues, you may consider this to monetize your app.
Crowdfunding or Donations
Eliminate the overbearing upfront costs with crowdfunding. Here apps make money by taking a percentage of the money that is raised during a project, and this is how apps make money.
Active Content Strategies
Keep adding regularly to your app’s content to increase traffic to your site and further use any of the above monetization strategies and achieve revenues.

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