[Infographic] 7 Great Strategies to Incorporate in Your App Marketing

Do you know presently, there are around 2.8 million apps available in the Google Play store and 2.2 million apps available in the Apple App Store for downloading?

Yeah, that’s a huge number!

So, if you were to compete amongst them, then you must build an excellent app and adopt a few great app marketing strategies to position it in a right way.

It is not easy to contend with the pace at which the mobile apps are growing each day, but with the right app marketing strategy, it will be for sure. 

Here are “7 Great strategies to incorporate in your app marketing”

[Infographic] 7 Great Strategies to Incorporate in Your App Marketing

Great strategies you need to incorporate in your app marketing



  • Research about the app you own and find out what kind of demand it has in the market.
  • Identify the opponent’s app services and be sure of your USP.


Meet the expectations of your target audience


Maintain a simple well & designed app

  • Maintain a simple yet an efficient app.
  • Try to make the app error free and feasible.


Make an appealing press release

  • Create a news about a new feature or a milestone you have achieved on your app and grab the attention of journalists & bloggers.
  • Issue an appealing press release with all the unique offerings of the app.


Promote the app on Social media

  • Promote your app on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to increase your reach.
  • Hook your users on social media sites through engaging posts to increase your brand awareness.


Make it visible on App Stores

  • Earn a better rank and get noticed in app stores via app store optimisation.
  • The app store optimisation works by choosing a right title and keywords while jotting down the description of the app on the app store.


Update it from time to time

  • Provide timely updates and keep on enhancing the user experience.
  • Add exciting new features to sustain the users on your app.

To get your audience love your app is not that difficult as long as you are delivering something unique. You must stand out so that when the users are looking for some new and interesting apps, your app would be the one. 

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