What Do You Need For Robust Audience Engagement?

Are you a business owner, a marketer, or a manager? No matter what you are, audience engagement is the most crucial thing for you. The audience is your everything, whether you are running a website or operating a business. Your audience is the reason your brand survives and sustains. But, your audiences might change or … Read more

Who Are Data Brokers and What Are They Doing to Your Data?

Thousands of the biggest data brokers worldwide buy and sell data every day, collecting a tremendous amount of information about everyone, including you. You may not know who these data brokers are, but they know you. Sounds scary? But why should it? Aren’t brokers all-around in other industries such as finance and real estate too, … Read more

Difference Between First-Party Data and Third-Party Data and Its Importance

No doubt, data-driven marketing is the future of digital marketing. The way you collect, manage and activate your data plays a primary role in determining how effective you’re making use of it. The data you collect directly from your customer refers to as first-party data, and the data you get from outsiders refers to as … Read more

How Audience Targeting Can Increase Your Profit!

Audience targeting helps you to create effective campaigns with hyper-targeting solutions. Isn’t that something pleasing to your ears, that your customer is looking for something out of the blue, you are reaching them out with the right offer. Audience targeting is a win-win situation for both the customer and brands.  Before you through this entire … Read more

Customer Intelligence Platform to Supercharge your Customer Experience

Customer Intelligence Platform is the need of the hour for marketers to achieve effective customer experience. Will you agree with this statement? Or excited to know about what a Customer Intelligence Platform is? Stay tuned with this article! To illustrate, Customer satisfaction is a vital component that makes the brands create customer focused products or … Read more