Customer Data life cycle

Everything You Need to Know About the Significance of Customer data lifecycle

“Data really powers everything that we do.” – Jeff Weiner Hence the life of data is crucial. And the series of phases it goes through during its lifetime highlights the…

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Everything You Need to Know To Kickstart With DMP

‘Data Management Platform (DMP) is a base to run effective  advertising and marketing campaigns.’ Will you agree to this statement? Yes, you have to!  To prove, 63% of marketers reported…

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Data life cycle

Why Understanding Data Lifecycle Crucial for Data-Driven Marketing

Data is a treasure trove for all marketers. It is through consumer data that digital marketing is developing at a higher pace. Hence, most marketers are turning to data-driven marketing. When…

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customer data platform

Customer Data Platform: Important Facts You Need to Know

Ever wondered why is it that CDPs are gaining momentum? What makes CDPs different from others? The Customer Data Platforms exist because customer data has become so important in the…

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Seven Things You Probably Didn’t Know About DMP

Here’s a scenario of DMP. You are a marketing company, running a campaign that seeks to convert new customers. You run ads but aren’t sure if they’re reaching the right…

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