cdp vs dmp

CDP vs DMP Insights That Every Marketer Must Know

CDP Vs DMP is something of a common topic of discussion among marketers and entrepreneurs. As many of them are aware of the terms CDP and DMP, but choosing one…

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customer data management

Effective Customer Data Management to Supercharge your Customer Experience

Boost your customer experience: a competitive differentiator. Effective Customer data management can do it for you! (Source: Forbes) To prove, firms that lead customer experience outshine laggards by nearly 80%….

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customer data platform

Why do You Really Need a Customer Data Platform?

Ever wondered why Customer Data Platforms(CDP) are gaining momentum?  And do you know what makes CDPs different from others? The Customer Data Platforms exist because customer data has become a…

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Seven Things You Probably Didn’t Know About DMP

Here’s a scenario of DMP. You are a marketing company, running a campaign that seeks to convert new customers. You run ads but aren’t sure if they’re reaching the right…

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