Top 10 Data Management Platforms to Boost Your Business Now

Gartner predicts by the end of 2024, at least 75% of the world business would utilize artificial intelligence(AI). Thus it will lead to driving 5X increase in streaming data and analytics infrastructures. And it is not surprising that Data Management Platforms are the major players in data-driven marketing.

In fact, those are the independent and leading source as well.

Data management platforms look after all the data related work for you. It collects data, enriches your data, aids you with audience targeting, monetizes your data, etc.

But, what are Data Management Platforms in the true sense?

A data management platform is something which empowers the marketers to gather, analyze and activate their first-party, second-party and third-party data from multiple sources. It is a unique platform which lets you gain meaningful insights on your audiences.

As big data is supposed to be effective for running successful marketing campaigns, you can not do much with your raw data. That is why , data management platforms come into the scenario and save the day. Your raw data needs to be fixed, sorted and converted into a utilizable form. And that’s what a Data management platform does, shapes your raw data.

And still you might wonder why a marketer would need a DMP for running his business?

Believe me, you have a fair argument! But, do you know 62% of the marketers today are investing actively in data-driven marketing tools? Moreover, 26% of them are planning to spend it in the coming two years.

Yes, marketers are beginning to realize the worth of data-driven technology. And the benefits of delivering more valuable customer experience in real-time. But, with all the data at your disposal, still many of you find it difficult to join the dots and see the actual picture.

In fact, three out of five marketers couldn’t fill in the gaps and make the most of their martech solutions to create a complete 360-degree view of the customers.

This is because you collect data from multiple sources like, email, media campaigns, social media, websites and other offline channels. And unifying all this data would let you have a complete profile about your audiences.

Therefore, it’s high time to figure out a platform which can seamlessly aid your business and let you manage your target audience efficiently.

But, you might get confused with which data management platform will be best suited or any other alternative to go with?

Don’t worry, I have got your back!

Here’s the top 10 Data Management Platforms

  1. Relay42
  2. Lotame Data Management Platform
  3. Snowflake
  4. Adobe Audience Manager
  5. Oracle Bluekai
  6. Nielsen DMP
  7. Salesforce Audience Studio
  9. Mapp Data Management Platform
  10. The ADEX DMP


It is a distinct data management platform which includes artificial intelligence and orchestration. Brands and publishers could easily unify their first-party, second-party and third-party data. Relay42 also allows the users to engage with their existing clients and find new prospects too.

It enables brands to unify their audience data, predict their every movement and engage them with highly personalized customer journeys.

Apart from that, it also has customer data protection features which guarantee brand ownership of data utilization and storage.

Lotame Data Management Platform

You can collect, analyze and activate your data from multiple sources with Lotame’s DMP in real-time. The software makes it easier for you to understand your audience base. Therefore, you can create campaigns and curate content to target your best-suited prospects.

It also makes your content more actionable and enriched. Farmore, you will be able to compare your own data results with their third-party global data exchange. And this will lead you to target more selective segments.


As the name goes, Snowflake has a unique style in offering data management as a service. It also provides a robust solution to aid you with the insights you need, regardless of the scale of your brand.

Snowflake is also known for its operating speed as it can offer you the whole month’s report in just 45 minutes. It even has parent architecture which separates storage and computes for quicker analysis.

Adobe Audience Manager

Have an easy and effortless data management experience with Adobe’s Audience Manager. It makes your data more meaningful and actionable. And you can easily integrate your full marketing stack which includes Adobe’s Experience Cloud.

The Audience Manager gathers data from various sources but doesn’t sell them. Hence it ensures you to purchase without bias for third-party sources. Also, the platform is activated with Adobe Sensei, machine learning and Adobe’s Artificial Intelligence.

Moreover, you have the power of flexibility to handle your data analysis as per your desire.

Oracle Bluekai

Bluekai is one of the most widely used data management platforms in the industry. It helps the brands and marketers personalize their mobile, online and offline campaigns for the relevant audiences.

Bluekai also enlightens the brands about the stages of the customer journey. And how they can target the right customers at the right platforms in real-time. It also helps you increase the success of your campaigns by having a better understanding of your audiences. Like which devices they use and from which environment they are involved with.

Nielsen DMP

A core Nielsen DMP renders a complete view of your audiences across all online, offline and mobile channels. It also provides strong customer insights which would let you target your prospects and also engage your existing customers.

It combines 1st-party, 2nd-party and 3rd-party data to render a 360-degree view of your customers across devices. You would also be able to adapt your audiences with more than 60,000 built-in segments powered with Nielsen’s AI audience optimization capabilities.

And you would be able to act on your analytics and sales attribution insights immediately to improve the performance of your campaigns.

Salesforce Audience Studio

A data management platform by Salesforce can help you earn the most in-depth insights on your audiences. Audience Studio does this by unifying and capturing your data to affirm customer relations across all the touchpoints.

You yourself can build a better customer experience across all channels through their data sources. And you can seamlessly create complete data profiles, discover new insights and manage consents.

Also you will be able to respond to new data signals and sources to identify your new audiences with Salesforce Audience Studio.

A popular data management platform which enables users to easily build audience segments on the basis of their character traits such as gender, age, interest, etc.

And they said to have developed proprietary Data Management Platform technology which effectively stores, analyzes and monetizes data.

OnAudience claims to be a global provider of high-quality and personalized segments for advertisers and data enrichment tools. Also, they are one of the biggest data providers in the world and hold around 27 billion user profiles.

Mapp Data Management Platform

This Data Management Platform is the part of Mapp Acquire and a product of Mapp Digital. Mapp DMP delivers comprehensive performance monitoring of campaigns in real-time.

Side by side, it also aids a great deal in the optimization of the data distribution to several marketing platforms and connecting with customers. But, the cons of this data management platform is that it does not cater to the multi-user feature. Hence, if you are looking for a team-friendly tool, you have to keep your options open.


This DMP is relatively new in the market but still provides a lot of new features to attract the brands and users. It is a self-hosted data technology solution for gathering, analyzing and activating data from multiple offline and online channels to offer an active service towards digital marketing.

Though it is the first official German Data Management Platform, they also work with lots of international clients. However, the ADEX software is not a full-stack solution alike other DMPs in the market. But, there’s good potential in this DMP as you will have 100% control over your data and how it gets utilized.

But, have you ever wondered about the future of DMPs?

Gone are the days when Data Management Platforms used to be an eye of an apple for the marketers. Obviously, they are known for seamless data collection, segmentation and syndication.

But, a DMP is also known for its focus on third-party data which will hardly persist because privacy is the priority now. As Google’s announcement to deprecate the Chrome cookie in near future calls for an end of collecting behavioural data.

Therefore, it is certain that Data Management Platforms are going to be paralyzed big time. And it will not be rendering the primary function of collecting, segmenting and porting cookie-based audiences across the digital ecosystem for personalization & targeting.

But, DMPs are evolving nowadays, and the entire ecosystem is moving towards robust solutions. And even brands are looking for highly advanced technologies for targeting audiences efficiently.

So, how about a platform like Audienceplay which has the capabilities of a Data Management Platform, Customer Data Platform and Customer Intelligence Platform.

But, now you might wonder what exactly Audienceplay does?

Audienceplay by Digitalkites is an advanced audience management suite of today’s generation powered by its identity resolution audience graph in the back end. It seamlessly creates and organizes your target audience segments. You can retarget, monetize, enrich your audiences with absolute control and transparency. Moreover, it’s a DIY platform and free to use too.

Further, enhance your audience segments with their advanced audience enrichment feature. It will empower you to have a complete view of your audiences so you can target them effectively. Yet another feature Audienceplay possesses is audience extension. It will let you extend your audience base by tracking down audiences across the digital ecosystem and enrich them with better insights.

All you have to do is make your free account for your website or app and integrate through their API or lightweight SDK/JS code. And you are good to go with building your audience segments by adding attributes or unique audience segments which you want to monetize.

To Draw a Conclusion on Data Management Platforms

In today’s marketing scenarios offering a seamless experience to your prospects has become significant. To do so, you must share a strong bond with your audiences by focusing on their preferences and needs.

Which is why data management platforms have become irrevocably crucial for marketers. Data is the key to personalize their experience and gain their trust.

Still, wondering which Data Management Platform to go with?

Don’t just settle for a data management platform when you have the choice of doing so much more with an audience management suite.

So, integrate your platform with an advanced audience management suite and start managing your audiences today!

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