21 Best-Proven Strategies for Website Monetization

We know that owning and running your own website is super exciting!

But, we are often worried trying to find out how the website we created will work wonders.

Relax! We had been there too.

With your great ideas, endless possibilities and wanting to earn from your website, you might still be thinking, how am I gonna do it?

It’s entirely doable by implementing website monetization strategies! So, making money from your website isn’t an illusion anymore.

But your excitement and confusion is likely going to bring you to a few thought-provoking questions like:

“ How I can monetize my website and make money online? “

“ How long will it take me to monetize my website? ”

“ What if I monetize my website? Will it really fetch me any returns?” and so on.

Clear all your queries and start earning effortlessly with the below strategies!

Website Monetization

However in the beginning, it can be difficult in figuring out the best way how to earn money from a website. But once you are confident on how to monetize your website, revenues can be made easily.

You need to treat every site differently. And yours too. Moreover, if one technique doesn’t work, you must try another.

Let me tell you that you shouldn’t give up too soon unless you try all the monetization strategies. 

So, if you are already earning by using one of the below monetization strategies, why not read more strategies below make more money!

Follow these 21 best-proven strategies for website monetization to reap enormous benefits for your website and make it super successful.

1) Monetize your website audiences through ‘Data Monetization’.

With Data Monetization, you can make your audiences agile and portable. 

You can do this by organizing audience data from your various media properties, segmenting them and creating niche segments. Also, these segments can be enabled to advertisers to deploy their campaigns.

Obviously, better audiences mean more effective ads, which means more advertisers will be interested in your site. More advertising opportunities lead to maximization of revenues.

Audience Play is one such solution that can help you transform your audience data and can help you generate vast revenues for your website.

Audience Play Data Monetization

So, why is Data Monetization a great way to monetize your website?

  • With Data Monetization, you can retarget your audiences wherever they are across online environment.
  • Targeted marketing by advertisers on your audiences means your audiences are monetized across ecosystem. And not just when they come to your website or app.
  • With segmentation, it becomes easier to serve advertisers increasing expectations with micro level targeting and hence better CPMs.
  • You can effectively encash the vast universe of data that keeps on expanding. Your ad revenues are no more limited to your website but wherever your users stop by.
  • Data Monetization or audience monetization helps to leverage your audiences as your competitive asset.

2) Earn increased revenue through ‘Affiliate marketing.’

Affiliate marketing is the obvious answer if you are worried about how to monetize a website quickly and cost-effectively.

You can start by finding a product you like and then on your Website, you endorse the product. You can monetize website with ads and place banners, write articles or send mails to your email subscribers.

Thereby, you can promote the product to the visitors of your website. If the said product resonates with your users, they will click on your affiliate link and purchase the product. Consequently, you get a split of the sale price.

Why should you implement ‘Affiliate Marketing’?

  • Affiliates are great at boosting your website reputation if done correctly
  • It helps broaden your opportunities since you can promote multiple offers

You can find affiliates in Commission Junction.

Commission Junction Affiliate Marketing

3) ‘Building an Email List’ for purposeful Website Monetization.

It’s the best long-term strategy to turn your Website into a full-fledged, money-making enterprise. With Email marketing, you can send a commercial message to your users.

Obviously, the objective is to convert strangers who visit your site for the first time into loyal followers. These loyal followers would want to stay up-to-date on your latest content.

On top of it you can send commercials emails too. You should never lose sight of creating relationships with your followers. And the perfect way to start is by offering information or free help to them.

What benefits do you get by building ‘Email Lists’?

  • Email is One-on-One and targeted to the viewers. This personal feeling attracts more and more visitors to your website.
  • Because Email is a purposeful message, your visitor will have clarity about your website and services.

Thus, you can use various tools like Mailchimp, GetResponse, AWeber, etc to add your users into your various email list, segment them and in turn send them targeted emails as you desire.

Use Aweber to build an email list

4) Effortless Website Monetization through ‘Google Adsense’ (Pay Per Click Advertising).

With AdSense, you can monetize your website and tap into Google’s advertising network. As a result, this will allow other advertisers to run ads on your website.

All you have to do is- Create an Adsense account. Wait until its approved by Google.

Once approved, Google gives you a small piece of code to be pasted onto your website pages. This code identifies the content of your site and starts displaying relevant ads.

For example, if your site is about fitness, Google AdSense will start showing ads for fitness supplements and more to your visitors. Whenever a visitor clicks or views the ad shown, you get paid for it each month.

Google Adsense for Website Monetization

Why are AdSense the most widely used Website Monetization strategy?

  • Consistent monitoring & analysis helps you to monetize better.
  • Strong competition strategy of AdSense is undeniable which benefit the publishers or app developers.
  • Its Cost-effectiveness and easy integration makes it extensively used.
  • You can focus on what you do best and leave revenue generation on Google.

5) Global website monetization by ‘Setting up an e-commerce site’.

Websites aren’t just about content. You can centre them around tools or products on an online store.

There are numerous eCommerce websites or online stores. Make sure that your site is distinct from the crowd and built up with a detailed strategy.

Moreover, you can upsell or cross sell several goods or services to your users if you already have an existing website or an app. 

One simple tool that helps you to set up an e-commerce site is Shopify.

Use Shopify to set up E-commerce Site

Why set up an e-commerce site?

  • People are constantly looking to buy things online. 
  • You can keep birds eye on buyers’ buying habits and cross sell things easily.
  • Your website is easily accessible anywhere & you can sell your products globally operating from one place
  • You can provide services 24*7/365.

6) Website Monetization through ‘lead generation for other companies’

So, how to monetize a website using leads? Suppose you have a website about teaching art skills. Your reader’s data is valuable to online schools looking to sell their art courses.

So, this way you are connecting the dots by introducing two parties who can benefit one another. One such tool where you can find these offers is  PeerFly.

While this is similar to affiliate marketing, this technique only focuses on generating leads to other advertisers. 

Use Peerfly for Website Monetization

How ‘generating leads for others’ helps to monetize Website?

  • Lead generation collects important information about prospects that you can target ahead.
  • It contributes to a positive ROI in long term since you will know more about your visitors, and hence targeted campaigns 
  • It targets the desired customers, as people who are interested in availing the service will fill up the lead form. 

7) Build relationships by monetizing Website through ‘Accepting sponsored content’. 

You can monetize your website by writing a sponsored content or by reviewing products, services or a news from a company.

E.g. if your website is all about the latest smartphones and tablets, the advertisers will love having your review of their product and feature their product to your website visitors. 

You can see an example of Sponsored Content below.

Website Monetization with Sponsored Content

Why Website Monetization through ‘Accepting sponsored content’ is a profitable scenario?

  • You get paid for every single sponsored content posted on your Website irrespective of traffic.
  • By accepting sponsored content, you can build direct relationships with advertisers and have multiple income streams coming in.

8) Expanded market through ‘Sell Ad Space’

You can monetize website with ads by incorporating Google’s AdSense on your website and make money online.

Secondly, you can also sell your own ad space directly to companies that are looking to sponsor different blogs.

In other ways, you can sell ad space directly from your website. You charge a price and get paid upfront at the beginning of every month, and this is how you monetize your website.

The most significant advantage of monetizing a website with ads is that, once your site gets a ton of traffic and your simple banner ad pricing can scale up tremendously.

You can let everybody know that you’re selling an Ad space through platforms like BuySellAds.

Selling Ad Space for Website Monetization

Why should you practice ‘Selling Ad Space’?

  • When you sell Ad space on your site, you are reducing your dependency on adsense
  • Selling Ad space will help you to deal directly with advertisers, thus bringing new avenues to monetization.

9) Exponential revenue generation by ‘Selling Your Own Digital Product.’

If you not convinced with putting ads on your website and want something more of your own, how about earning money through your website, by creating and selling digital products?

You can make the significant revenue through this strategy as there’s no middle-man between the buyer and you. But you should know the art of selling online to make this work for you!

For this, you will need to incorporate features like payment gateways, shipping facilities, taxes, landing pages etc.

Try Sellwire to monetize website by selling your digital products.

Sell your Own Digital Product with Sellwire

Why to practice website monetization through ‘Selling Your Own Digital Product?’

  • It is easier to manage, sell, and deliver products directly to your website visitors.
  • Digital products last forever so your profit margins are irresistible.
  • Once visitors are into your sales funnel, you can cross sell, upsell many other digital products that will interest your users. 

10) An easy start to Website Monetization by ‘Flipping Your Websites’.

Suppose you have built up a following or sold a few products, so you can now sell your website to someone else and make an earning.

Website Monetization through flipping websites isn’t an overnight task. You need to invest time and energy.

Try to build or buy a niche website and let it grow until it turns a sizable profit or potentially profitable.

One such platform to buy and sell online businesses is Flippa.

Buy or Sell Online Businesses with Flippa

Why is Flipping a helpful way to monetize website?

  • Flipping provides you with great learning of ‘the ins and outs’ of investor requirements.
  • Helps you to learn details about the business and earn money.
  • If you know what you’re doing, you see an exponential ROI.

11) Encash your following and monetize your website by ‘Accepting Donations from visitors’.

If you have a blog and you are unable to figure out how to monetize your blog, ask your visitors or readers to donate.

If you have a substantial amount of visits and engaged community, this strategy of Website Monetization is undoubtedly for you.

A common form of accepting donations for websites is through platforms like Internet Archive.

Monetize your Website by Accept Donation for Site

Why should a Donation platform be your Website Monetization strategy?

  • You can set up recurring payments conveniently and get access to donors worldwide.
  • It is a great way to earn money by encashing your following.

12) Setting up RSS feed ads.

You can monetize your website by setting up RSS feeds to give real-time ads for online products as per your niche. 

Many variations of this service are also available. A service called Quuu curates tailor made content and pushes it to various twitter handles who subscribe to their feed.

The curated content inturn goes to multiple subscribed twitter handles worldwide! How easy?! Win-win for content owners and social media marketers!  

Monetize your Website by Setting up RSS feeds

By clicking on the RSS feed link in the content stream, the visitor moves to the affiliate page or advertisers page.

You get a commission for that product if he converts through the affiliate page.

Benefits of monetizing your website through RSS feed:

  • By submitting your RSS feed, you send your headlines to a broader audience.
  • You get to promote your content on other websites and have a regular engagement of loyal visitors.

13) Monetizing websites with ‘pop-up advertisements’ or ‘pop-under ads’.

Pop-up ad windows come typically in a scaled-down browser window with only the ‘Close’, ‘Minimize’ and ‘Maximize’ commands.

With pop-ads, you can advertise, attract web traffic and capture email ids. Try poptin to convert your website into more revenues.

Monetize your Website with Pop-Up Advertisements

Why is ‘pop-up ads’ charm to your website?

  • The versatility of pop-ups is a hit for you and they help to convert colossal traffic.
  • It strengthens the Visitor’s visibility and you can have an Instant Customer Feedback.

Note: Google don’t like popup ads as it is intrusive experience to users. Moreover there is also a chance that your website visitors will not like the experience, if you bombard them with too many of pop up and pop under ads. So be careful, and suggest you to keep them minimal.

14) Earn extra money by selling ‘premium content.’

How to earn money through website by selling premium content? Let’s say your website produces mind-blowing content.What you can do is: You can always try asking them to pay for some of it. However, do not ask people to pay right away.

Instead, focus on growing an audience and visitors first by providing some free enticing content. This can be a great way in solving your dilemma regarding how to monetize your blog.

Premium Content Shop is one such platform for your website.

Monetize your Website with Pop-Up Advertisements

How can premium contents help you earn more?

  • The premium model of Website Monetization has proven one of the most successful ones over the years.
  • By creating an information-rich compelling content, you can compel visitors to pay.

15) Website Monetization  with customized commerce content using services like ‘Infolinks, skimlinks, viglinks etc’.

So, if you are a blogger concerned about how to monetize your blog and how to earn money through website, try using Infolinks.

Infolinks enables you to monetize websites with ads by converting relevant content or words on your website into affiliate links.

While this is similar to affiliate marketing that we discussed earlier, this format is different. If done right, users will not see “ads” and go with the natural flow of reading your content while you make money. 

It provides you with many options, but focusing on namely Intext Ads will give a natural flow to your websites content. When a visitor clicks on the links powered by these services, you earn with those views and clicks.

Couple of other services other than infolinks are, skimlinks, viglinks etc.

Monetize your Website using vigilink

In the above example, when you click on the link “bhphotovideo.com”, it redirects through vigilinks (a form of Infolink).

Why is Infolink the right monetizing technique for your website?

  • Because Infolinks is compatible with other forms of Advertising and Ad Networks, it can be easily installed to the body of your website.
  • Infolinks is an easy application that allows fast approval. So, you can enjoy a customized experience with ads of your choice.

Website Monetization with Infolinks

16) Earn a steady income with ‘Monetized widgets.’

Monetized widgets are the widgets that you can place on your website for website monetization. These will dynamically pull in ads that can either be paid on or receive affiliate income for.

Let’s suppose you run a travel blog that discusses travel requisites. So, you may place travel products within your widgets to maximize your conversion rate.

Amazon Associates program is an example of this is, where you can display product widgets and earn income as a result.

Monetize your Website with Amazon Affiliate Program

Here’s why Monetized Widgets are your thing?

  • When placed contextually in the website along with the content, the conversions shoot up.
  • When associated with large ecommerce companies, you can automate the product feed with their APIs.

17) Generate easy revenues by ‘Creating a job board’.

How to earn money through website in one of the easiest possible way? Try Job Boards. Job Board is a website that posts jobs supplied by employers.

So, employers can log into your website job board and post a job on the page.

They can entering the company details, job description etc and thus publish their jobs on your job boards.

As a result, you monetize website with ads of their jobs.

When employers post ads on your job board, they pay you a fee in return. This is how you earn revenue with job boards in the easiest possible.

Why should you try ‘Job board’ for website monetization?

  • You can engage your audience with great content and add another striking feature like a job board. This brings them more reasons to come back to your website.
  • With a job board software that is web-based, you are relieved from much of the daily operational stress putting it up on someone else’s shoulders.

Better Team is one such solution to do so.

Monetize your Website by Creating a Job Board

18) ‘Host paid Webinars’ as a feasible way to Website Monetization.

Another way to monetize website could be practising paid Webinars. A webinar is a form of online education that is very useful and highly detailed in nature.

Its purpose is to pass skills or knowledge to those interested in learning. With ClickMeeting, you can host Webinars and help your visitors in mustering expertise in a detailed form.

Host Paid Webinars and Monetize your Website

Why Are Paid Webinars best suited to earn revenues for your website?

  • In webinars, visitors are interested in taking knowledge and learning from your website. They are thus always involved and engaged with you. So, you can make money in a feasible manner.
  • Webinars are a great way to interact, so you can promote your products vividly and get valuable customers.

19) Build a loyal ‘Membership website’ to monetize your website.

A membership site is a great way to monetize your website where only subscribed members can access your content.

So, members of your website can log in and access exclusive content, special offers etc.

They can also interact directly with you and be part of your community.

MemberPress is a great way to build your Membership Site for optimizing your business.

Build your Membership Site to Monetize Business

So, here are the benefits of the Membership strategy to your Website:

  • Enhanced reputation with website members brings credibility to your site.
  • You can make a steady income for your website from your members.
  • Your website will gain momentum as loyal memberships increase.
  • As a result, your website will get a regular income with membership engagement.

20) Impressive earnings for the website by enabling ‘Content lockers.’

With Content lockers, you can block access to a specific piece of content until the visitor completes a specified action.

Restrict Content Pro enables you to lock an entire page or just the particular content and gives its access to your valued members.

Use Content Lockers and Monetize your Website

Irresistible points that favour Content Lockers for your Website Monetization.

  • If your content is impressive, you can generate real revenue from locking your content.
  • You can grow your email list by visitor email ids inputted to get access to a post.
  • Also content lockers can boost your likes and shares on social media.

21) Practice less expensive monetizing with a ‘Paid directory or a Business page’.

Not only are Web directories a feasible way to get revenue for your website, but these directories also store information about sites and categorize them by category.

Directory Maximizer allows building up of Paid Directories that fetch you noticeable climb in the SERPs.

Monetize your Website with Paid Directory

How can you earn revenue for your website using Paid directory or a Business page?

  • You can attract new customers with your Business page using Paid listings, Featured listings & Special listings.
  • Also, you can bring in customers by sharing helpful information and marketing to the audience.
  • With business pages, you get a lot of exposure and SEO benefits which helps you in increasing your revenue stream.
  • You can encourage customers to keep coming back with advertisements and regular updates like Special event, promotion news and Membership plans.

So, what is the ‘one best way for Website Monetization? ’

And to sum up, there is no ‘one best way’ to monetize a Website or blog. There are several ways to monetize your app and sites.

Because different audiences react to different approaches differently, you may try any one or a combination of a few monetization methods according to the requirement of your Website.

Also, quality is the secret weapon to grow your Website. So, ‘to help your site visitors and provide great content’ should be your primary focus as a site owner.

As a result, ‘What turns out to be most profitable for you is the obvious strategy for you’. 

So, what was your experience of using these strategies to monetize your website?

Tell me in the comments.



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